Our Executive Principal’s Highlights of the Week

I normally blog about the week that has just been. However, this week, there’s only one topic I want to talk about – and that is our truly stunning End of Year celebration, which happened today. I have never been more proud to be leading a school than I was today, watching our children lead the most beautiful ceremony while celebrating their own achievements, progress and growth. It was utterly magical, with karate kicks and original songs, Imagine Dragons and cheerleading, Arabic songs and traditional dance, The Sound of Music and some percussion work. The variety on offer was matched by the stunning array of talents. So, instead of my standout moments (as I couldn’t choose a handful) I will instead share my standout groups of people!

  • Our amazing children! I honestly can’t put into words how much these young people impressed us all today. They compered the whole event, with humour and confidence. Their performances were polished and highly entertaining, and they looked after each other and behaved beautifully. It was so incredible to think about how far they’ve travelled this year, and how much progress they have made. They are all superstars. 
  • Our incredible colleagues. Every single member of the school team went above and beyond – as they always do – to ensure the day was a success. From writing original songs to choreographing, supporting, encouraging and most of all celebrating, the whole staff of the school were just amazing. I know we’re blessed here with the most incredible team, but today truly showcased that. As much as I loved watching the show, I loved watching the staff as they watched the children, filled with pride and a deep sense of purpose. 
  • Our wonderful parents. Events like today are just as much about the parents as they are our children. To see our parents watching their children with so much joy and pride makes us all so happy. As we always say, we can achieve a lot with our children, but they will never reach their true potential unless we’re doing that in partnership with parents. To see the results of that powerful partnership at today’s celebration was really special, and we’re so grateful to our parents for their ongoing support. 

I have always said that for me, a job in education is the greatest job in the world. Days like today are the best example of that. Where else do you get to feel such a deep sense of pride and joy, watching the people you are responsible for shine like the stars they are, and showing us all that they’re more than ready for the next steps ahead?


Class of 2024, we are so proud of you!

Clemmie Stewart,

Executive Principal