Senior School

Welcome to Beech Hall School Riyadh’s Senior School

Our innovative Senior school is currently segregated from Grade 7 with boys and girls housed in different zones. Our curriculum follows the international pathway until Grade 9. From Grade 9, pupils begin the American diploma and embark on their journey towards their gaining credits towards their high school diploma. We are the only school offering AP (Advanced Placement) to be on the approved list for the US Embassy. In Grade 11, in conjunction with parents and teachers, pupils can move across to the International Baccalaureate.

The flexible and different pathways offer parents the ultimate choice in university and college pathways to ensure success for all pupils. All pupils have access to a full and bespoke timetable including physical education, swimming, drama and music. Our staff are trained in both the IB and US diploma which emphasise the skills of critical thinking, project based learning, problem solving and collaborative learning.

Alongside the pathways offered, we offer pupils a full after school program of arts, drama and sports across all of our school phases.

Arabic and Islamic Studies

Here at Beech Hall School Riyadh, we pride ourselves on providing a balanced education to our children with the values of Saudi Arabia at the heart of our inclusive education. We offer Arabic and Islamic studies which are delivered in the same way as our international curriculum by caring, inspirational and creative native speaking Arabic staff. 

If you would like to learn more about Senior School, please contact Ms Julia Knight via email primary.head@beechhallschoolriyadh.com.    

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