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Job type: Full Time, Fixed Term Apply by: 10 February 2024

Job overview

The Deputy Head (Arabic and Islamic) will hold a key role on the Leadership Team and will work inconjunction with the Executive Principal and Heads of School to support a clear strategy that sits alongside the ethos of the whole school. The post holder will offer visionary leadership and play a crucial role in the day to day management of the educational offering in the school, as well as offering wider support to the team.

Core responsibilities:

Learning and Teaching – ensure that the Arabic and Islamic curriculum being taught is broad, holistic and sequential, and that all requisite components are planned for and delivered to the highest standard.
  • Work in conjunction with the Leadership Team to develop the curriculum and approach in seniorsbringing together the Beech Hall School Riyadh Tapestry and the IEYC, IPC, IMYC, American Curriculum and IB, alongside the MoE curriculum for Arabic and Islamic Studies
  • Oversee the school assessment of Arabic and Islamic, ensuring that all assessments are carried out in an organised manner, and that all materials are available. Ensure any external assessment is carried out in the correct conditions.
  • Create a culture of aspiration, ensuring that there is ample challenge and ambition for every child.
  • Lead on the school’s wider appreciation and understanding of Arabic culture, and Saudi culture, ensuring that this is celebrated clearly and widely.
  • Deliver excellent lessons themselves.
Pupil wellbeing – support the implementation of effective pastoral care programmes to enhance the well-being and personal development of students.
  • Contribute to a monitoring system for pastoral matters and review regularly looking for patterns.
  • Promote a safe and inclusive learning environment, fostering positive relationships between students, staff and parents. Ensure a high level of provision for the pastoral needs and well-being of every pupil.
  • Provide guidance and support to students in their personal and academic growth.
Inclusion – working with the Director of Inclusion, nurture a climate that is fully inclusive, celebrating the strengths, habits, and skills of every child, including those with specialist learning needs. Regardless of need or challenge, every child will be a valued and included member of the learning community. Links with stakeholders – ensure effective commutations with all members of the school community including:
  • Support the effective and timely communication systems between home and school.
  • Attend meetings as appropriate with the board and provide reports as required.
  • Promote the school at key marketing events within Saudi Arabia and beyond, to support the marketing and admissions function of the school.
Operational Leadership:
  • Lead on the school’s relationship with the Ministry of Education and RCRC, ensuring that the school is always compliant and always meeting the needs and requirements of both parties.
  • Lead on the school’s SEF process as required by RCRC and the MoE.
  • Oversee and update the staffing matrix to ensure that Arabic and Islamic lessons are taught by specialists and that all staff have the right number of teaching periods, planning periods and other school duties.
  • Ensure that all relevant learning and teaching and pastoral policies and procedures pertaining are fit for purpose and embedded in a clear and consistent way.
Staffing recruitment and management 
  • Contributing to recruitment through contributing to interviews and observations
  • Using the staffing matrix to plan staffing in an organised and proactive manner, in liaison with the senior leadership team.
  • Ensuring safeguarding policies are followed.
  • Devising and delivering a robust induction for all senior staff.
  • Line managing certain staff at Beech Hall School Riyadh as appropriate.
This job description does not constitute a complete description of duties. The post holder will carry out the professional duties of a teacher and may be required to undertake other duties as reasonably requested by the Executive Principal. Person Specification The successful candidate for Deputy Head is likely to fit the following profile:

Skills and Knowledge Requirements

  • Deep understanding and experience of the challenges and demands of leadership in an all-through, international educational setting.
  • Experienced senior practitioner and leader.
  • Experience of leading Arabic and Islamic Studies at a whole school level.
  • Demonstrable experience of developing and leading high performing teams.
  • Recognised academic and intellectual credentials.
  • An intellectual enthusiasm for wider educational developments, particularly with relation todevelopments in technology supporting academic outcomes and effective teaching & learning.
  • Capable, strategic and involved in social media to help promote and market the school.
  • A willingness to learn and develop, remaining ahead of the curve with regards to pedagogy and research.
  • Good awareness of the cultural and operational challenges of managing a school in the Middle East or an international context.
  • Cultural sensitivity and the ability to relate to parents, pupils, and stakeholders of the school from a wide variety of countries and cultural backgrounds.
  • A keen supporter of inclusive education.
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Job type: Full Time, Fixed Term Apply by: 10 February 2024 Job overview The Deputy Head (Arabic and Islamic) will hold a key role on the Leadership Team and will work inconjunction with …

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