Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the school fees?

GradeAgeAugust 2024 / 2025
Grade 16-765,000
Grade 27-865,000
Grade 38-980,000
Grade 49-1080,000
Grade 510-1180,000
Grade 611-1280,000
Grade 712-1385,000
Grade 813-1485,000
Grade 914-1585,000

What other fees do we have pay?

All our fees are listed on page 2 of our Terms and Conditions document.

What are the school timings?
  • 7:30am – 1:30am for Kindergarten
  • 7:30am – 2:30pm for Grade 1 – 6
  • 7:30am – 3:00pm for Grade 7 and up
Do you provide transportation?

We do not offer transport at this time.

Are there any discounts for siblings?
  • The fees for 2023 / 24 are already discounted to reflect our founding years therefore sibling discounts will begin from August 2024.
  • The discount is currently 5% for the third child. This is under review and any new policy will be applied to all families.
Are there special rates for corporate / embassies?

Yes, we can offer special rates for businesses and embassies.

Please contact Julia Knight primary.head@beechhallschoolriyadh.com or admissions@beechhallschoolriyadh.com

Can we visit the school?

Yes, you can book a school tour and we will do our best to accommodate a time convenient for everyone.

We often have live events and encourage prospective families to attend.

Can we book an online meeting?

Of course, our SLT will happily meet prospective parents online

Are there after school activities?

Yes, there are and they are provided within the school fee where possible. We may bring an outside provider to provide specialist services. However, parents will always have the choice between a free and a paid activity.

Our after-school activities will begin in mid-September once the school has settled into the new academic year

We will also be asking our pupils which activities they would like as we believe in pupil voice.

Is there a school uniform? If so, where can I buy it?

Yes, there is a uniform. Admissions will explain what your child requires and where to buy it.

The school uniform is available directly from the school.

Does the school provide lunch for the children?

We have a designated area for lunch, children can pre-order lunch to buy from the school or they can bring in packed lunches from home.

At what age do swimming lessons start?

We offer swimming lessons once per week to all pupils in the school.

At what age do children start to use IT equipment?

Children in KG1 are taught to use technology as part of their learning

From Grade 3, all students are expected to purchase an ipad.

Do you provide support for children with additional needs?

Yes we do. Our policy is to be inclusive and we have specialist teams on site to support children of all additional talents and learning needs. Please email admissions@beechhallschoolriyadh.com for more information.

The MoE stipulates that we can accept 20% of our pupil population into our inclusion provision.

We conduct observations for each child and each child is taken on a case-by-case basis.

We do offer priority places to siblings.

Are you an RCRC or MoE school?

The answer is both. We are guided by both regarding rules and regulations. – We strictly adhere to all MoE and government guidance, policies and instructions

What does the school year look like?

We follow the international school calendar which is three terms of about 6 – 8 weeks:

  • Term 1: August to December
  • Term 2: Jan to April
  • Term 3: April to June

We also have mid-term breaks in October, February and sometimes in May – calendar dependent.

The timings may vary due to national and religious holidays as well as ad hoc government mandates.

What curriculum do you offer?

We have an international curriculum in the KG to Grade 8 called the IYPC

It is an inquiry-led, thematic curriculum that is tailored towards children’s passions and learning. It draws on the best of practice globally and leads nicely into different pathways.

From Grade 9, we offer the American curriculum and depending on parental choice and what best suits the needs of the pupil, they can either choose to remain on the American pathway or move into the International Baccalaureate in Grade 11 and 12.

Where are your teachers from?

– Our teachers reflect the diversity in our school.
– They are all qualified with MA in Education and / or PGCE.
– All approved by the MOE.
– Are either native English speakers or hold ILETS 7 or above.
– Our Arabic teachers are all Saudi nationals.
– We offer all our staff training and development on a weekly basis.

What languages are taught?

 – English is the main language of instruction.
– Arabic is our second language and pupils either follow the Language A (native Arabic) or Language B (non-native speakers)
– We also plan to offer Spanish as a third language.

What makes your school different?

– We are very proud of our Arabic and Islamic heritage and we place a very high importance on the learning and teaching of Arabic
– Our facilities are designed by award winning Space Zero
– We have a 500-seater auditorium with cinema surround sound and visual quality
– We have swimming pool on site with life guards for both boys and girls
– We have 7 recreational spaces including an indoor gym and indoor playground
– We are in a quiet part of Riyadh, close to the DQ on a purpose-built site. Unlike other schools, this is our forever home.

How many pupils can the school accommodate?

– We have capacity for approximately 1200

How many children are in a class?

16 – 20 depending on the age group

Where do your pupils and families come from?

We have a diverse student population and they fall roughly into three groups:

  • Saudi nationals locals and those returning from overseas who require an international education with a focus on Arabic and Islamic studies.
  • GCC and MENA expatriates who require a school that offers a flexible curriculum and a focus on Arabic and Islamic studies.
  • Western expatriate families from around the world who are working in very prestigious companies as part of the Saudi Vision 2030.
What is the staff to pupil ratio?

– In KG there are two teachers and one nanny to assist the children.
– In Primary, classes have a main teacher and a class support teacher.
– We have specialist Learning Support Assistants for all age groups, all of whom have specific areas of focus such as maths / science / English as additional language.

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