An inclusive learning environment by design

Through our partnership with Space Zero, the learning environment at Beech Hall School Riyadh is truly inspirational. Our classrooms are designed to ensure flexible learning spaces that minimise sensory overload and are built using the latest research into what all learners need from their environment.  All of our classrooms are filled with light and natural colours with technology that seamlessly fits into its surroundings.

We have an indoor swimming pool for children to swim weekly from KG2.

We have 7 recreation spaces including an indoor play area for Kindergarten, a large gym with weights and a yoga studio plus outdoor pitches for football and basketball.

We have three lunch spaces for children to enjoy a dining experience as well as a Parent Café which is open throughout the day for coffee and light snacks.

The school also boasts a cinema-surround sound 500 seater auditorium.

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