School Fees

Year GroupBHSR Standard Fees
Kindergarten 155,000
Kindergarten 255,000
Kindergarten 360,000
Grade 165,000
Grade 265,000
Grade 380,000
Grade 480,000
Grade 580,000
Grade 680,000
Grade 785,000
Grade 885,000
Grade 985,000

 Admissions and Registration Fees

 Our admissions and registration fees are defined as:

 Application Fee:  this is a non-refundable fee payable when an application is submitted to the school.

 Admissions Fee: this is non-refundable and payable with 7 days of written admittance to the school.

 Registration Fee: this fee is refundable and will be deducted from Term 1 fees and is charged upon admission to the school and charged yearly acting as a seat holder thereafter.

Parents are also expected to pay a non-refundable Application Fee of 1500 SAR

A non-refundable Admission Fee of 1500 SAR is payable upon admission of the


A Registration Fee of 5000 SAR is payable each year. Upon registration, this fee is paid to reserve your child’s seat and will be automatically deducted from Term 1 school fees. Parents who do not pay the seat reservation fee will not be guaranteed a school place for the next academic year.

School Fees

Fees for each term are due and payable before the commencement of the school term to which they relate.

School fees are to be billed over 12 months and are divided into termly payments, payable in advance:

                    40% of annual fee before the commencement of Term 1

                    30% of annual fee on or before the commencement of Term 2

                    30% of annual fee on or before commencement of Term 3

Installment fees are subject to the following conditions: Installment plans must be agreed with the principal in conjunction with Finance Manager.

No discounts will be applied to installments including Founding Fees, corporate rates or sibling discounts unless approved in writing by the Principal.

All payments must be paid within 14 days of the issued invoice date.

All expatriates within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are subject to 15% tax. The school reserves the right to impose any additional charges as and when directed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia government.

All bank charges involved in the electronic transfers of payments to the school bank account must be paid by the remitter.

For electronic transfer please find below the school bank details:


IBAN# SA8320000002000080799940

Beech Hall Education Company

Additional Fees

Additional fees for after school care, other academic or educational-related support for children with additional needs including those requiring additional language support, holiday activities and some school trips, will be billed separately. Where a school trip is supporting the curriculum, we may charge a nominal fee to cover expenses and the school expects all students to participate.

Where any fee or part of the fee remains unpaid, the School reserves the right to:

  • Demand payment in full of all fees.
  • The School reserves the right to refuse entry for the next academic year.
  • Withhold school reports, transfer letters and documents pertaining to the education of the student.
  • The School is obliged to report all fee indiscretions to the Ministry of Education to be logged under the Noor System.
  • School fees are payable in full, from the date a student joins the school and until the last day stated on the withdrawal notice. Continual absence is not considered to be notice of withdrawal.
  • Subject to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Education approval and regulations, the School may adjust fees. Any increase will be notified in advance to Parents and payable from the date stipulated in the notice.

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