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Blenheim Schools – a great British education success story

My name is Anita Gleave, and I am the proud Founder and CEO of both Chatsworth Schools and our international education division, Blenheim Schools.

We are so excited to be opening Beech Hall School Riyadh!

I founded Chatsworth Schools with a simple ambition; to enable an outstanding future for every child that attends a Chatsworth School regardless of their ability, background or any additional needs – physical or otherwise. Today, four years on, Chatsworth Schools owns 14 independent schools and nurseries in the United Kingdom.

We firmly believe in the power of inclusive, non-selective education and the nurturing of each child as an individual so that they are ready to make the most of their unique talents and opportunities in a fast changing 21st century of digital skills and a rapidly changing global economy. We further believe that we need to reimagine education to reach our goal.

Rather than factory farming our children and preparing them for an obsolete workforce – for jobs which already do not exist, we need to provide every young person with a tool kit, of soft and hard skills on which to draw no matter what our uncertain world throws at them – no matter what they face, in the world of work and indeed, in life. All children have an amazing imagination we must enable them to develop it, to dare to dream, to be bold, to be ambitious, to be global citizens who contribute to society, who are kind and compassionate and who truly aspire to be the best they can be.

To ensure children at Beech Hall School Riyadh have the opportunity to achieve their own outstanding future, Clemmie Stewart, our Director of Learning and Teaching and I created a unique learning framework – The Beech Hall School Riyadh Tapestry.

We have designed six strands; mindset, wellbeing, entrepreneurship, global citizenship, sustainability and digital literacy to overlay the International Early Years Curriculum, International Primary Curriculum, the International Middle Years curriculum, the IB and the American High School Curriculum to create a truly unique learning experience and school environment for every child lucky enough to attend Beech Hall School Riyadh.

You can watch a video explaining all about Learning at Beech Hall School Riyadh and the school’s unique learning Tapestry here.

Best wishes,
Founder and CEO
Blenheim Schools

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