Kindergarten to Grade 8

Beech Hall School Riyadh offers an international curriculum tailored to students from diverse backgrounds, providing access to high-quality learning and teaching methods. This curriculum enables students to undertake external examinations in their home countries or opt for one of our bespoke pathways starting from Grade 11.

The International Curriculum Association, utilized in over 1,000 schools across 90 countries globally, emphasizes a blend of academic, personal, and international learning. Through units designed by the International Curriculum Association, students develop crucial knowledge, skills, and understanding, applying their learning within real-life contexts. This flexible curriculum caters to various learning styles, ensuring adaptability and individualization. At Beech Hall School Riyadh, we prepare children to be responsive, innovative problem solvers, acknowledging the evolving world.

We invite parents to witness our students’ presentation of ideas and projects during the Exit Points of each unit, showcasing successful learning experiences.

As the future workplace evolves, Beech Hall School Riyadh equips students with transferable skills essential for their forthcoming world.

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