Our Executive Principal’s Five Highlights of the Week

Eid Mubarak! I’m not sure how much longer I can keep saying that, but as it’s our first week back, with children sharing Eid gifts and talking all about their family festivities, it seems only right to say it one more time. It’s been such a joy to welcome our children back to school, and to get to know so many of our new students, who are starting their Beech Hall journey this term. Here are just some of the highlights from our first week back:

  • Leaping into the metaverse! The senior school pupils delighted in exploring this virtual world. As Omar rightly pointed out, many of the children think it’s just for gaming, but there they were exploring microbes, comparing the sun and the Earth, and really starting to imagine what schools might look like in the future. It’s so exciting to see this technology being used to bring alive the digital strand of our unique learning tapestry. 
  • Seeing our sporting heroes at work. From perfecting our arm strokes in swimming, to leaping across the gymnastic equipment with Ms Fatouma, it’s clear to see that sport is fast becoming a really important part of our offering here at BHSR – and the impact it’s having on our health and wellbeing is fantastic. I might just have to slip into one of the mindful yoga sessions and join in! 
  • Watching our pupils aiming high and achieving great things. We are now getting the results back from our participation in the Mawhiba programme, and we are so proud of the many pupils who are part of this excellent Saudi initiative, which is aimed at supporting children who are particularly able in certain academic areas. We’re also very proud of those who have advanced to the next stage of the mathematics Olympiad, which is a worldwide competition!
  • Seeing Grade 4’s assembly today, which was truly amazing. Each group talked about their experience of a certain strand of the Beech Hall School Riyadh Tapestry. It’s so exciting to see how the pupils have engaged with core areas of learning such as mindset, sustainability, global citizenship, digital literacy, mental health and wellbeing, and entrepreneurship. A real highlight was the rap about Elon Musk and his Tesla! What a catchy few bars.
  • Meeting so many new families! We’ve been inundated with new families moving to Riyadh, or families who were already here and are now looking for a new and innovative education. Our leadership team’s step count is through the roof, touring our amazing school and showcasing all of our brand new facilities. We’re blessed that so many families want to be part of our school, and it is fascinating to meet people from all around the world, right here in Riyadh, ready to make their mark and be a part of Saudi Vision 2030. 

In our first week back, the energy and enthusiasm of our students has truly shone through, and it’s been heartwarming to see them passionately engaging with BHSR’s core values. I hope everyone has a happy and relaxing weekend – see you all next week!