Our Executive Principal’s Five Highlights of the Week

As weeks in Saudi Arabia go, the last seven days have been even more exciting than usual, which really is saying something! People often comment on how fast-paced life in the Kingdom can be, but this has been something else. Here are just five of my highlights from the past week!

  • Attending the Sync Summit 2024 in Ithra, Dammam. It was such a privilege to speak at this event, and I was on a panel reflecting on the many benefits that we get from technology. I talked about how assistive technology enables greater inclusion, and the way in which hybrid schools can support more children by offering them a full and engaging learning experience. The audience’s questions showed just how many people in Saudi want to know more about the work we are doing here at Beech Hall School Riyadh, and there were plenty of requests to open another school in the south! 
  • Hosting Edpuzzle at BHSR. We love using Edpuzzle as a safe and supportive way to show video content and build self-study tools. It was wonderful to host the team and share our learning with educators from across Riyadh. We were also so proud of Ms Malack for showcasing the amazing work she is doing with Edpuzzle in Grade 3, as a fun assessment tool that fosters further progress. It’s always so exciting to see colleagues sharing their awesome work with others, and it makes us very proud!
  • Open Morning! This week we hosted this year’s busiest open morning yet, with parents looking for places in year groups from Nursery all the way up to Grade 10! We were asked some superb questions, and there’s no better way to answer them than to pass them straight on to our awesome pupil panel. One question about clubs led to a superb answer from one of our Grade 4 girls – “I enjoy two clubs the best. Zumba because it is fun and brings joy, and martial arts, as you never know when you might need to keep yourself safe.” We really do offer a broad and holistic education here at Beech Hall!
  • Getting ready for the End of Year Show! Beech Hall is positively buzzing with excitement, as we’re preparing to host our end of year celebration. Children from every year group will be performing to their parents, and we can’t wait to see their amazing programme. There won’t be a dry eye in the house! This time of year is so special as we see children take their next steps, looking forwards but also reflecting on the extraordinary progress they’ve made this year. Waterproof mascara and tissues are essential for next week!
  • Seeing the amazing exit points. What an amazing showcase of learning we’ve been treated to this week. Pupils from Grade 1 to Grade 9 flung open the doors of the school and invited parents, grandparents, friends and siblings to come and see their exit points, as they showcased their most recent units of learning. From Chaucer to racing cars, ancient mummies to The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, we really have seen it all at BHSR. The most exciting part for me is how every pupil chose different ways to explain and demonstrate their learning. From painting, poetry, and presentations, to models, essays, videos, stop motion animations, and even songs, their creativity was breathtaking. The levels of knowledge, skills and understanding on show has been awe-inspiring. We’re so proud of all of our children, and it was clear to see that their parents were very proud too!

This week has truly highlighted the energy and creativity on display within our Beech Hall School Riyadh community. From the enthusiasm on show at the Open Morning to the students’ impressive exit points presentations, it’s been a busy few days, and I’m already looking forward to next week!

Clemmie Stewart,

Executive Principal