Yahya’s Football Journey with the French Football Federation

What an incredible journey it has been for us boys from Beech Hall School Riyadh! Months ago, we embarked on a thrilling adventure, teaming up for intensive training sessions with the French Football Federation three times a week!

Our dedication and hard work have truly paid off, and we honed our skills by playing an extra friendly match every Friday at Faisal Al Nayyan’s (from Grade 8) private pitch. This way, we were able to seize every opportunity to fine-tune our abilities and strengthen our bond as a team.

But the real test came when we entered the National Cup, rubbing shoulders with teams from both local Riyadh schools and prestigious schools in Jeddah. Through our sheer grit and determination, we battled our way through seven intense matches, showcasing our talent and unwavering passion for the beautiful game. The excitement was palpable, especially with my grandmother in attendance, but the best surprise was when our Principal, Ms. Clemmie, appeared and showed her immense support. All of us got a real thrill, and a mix of excitement and a pressure to excel.

And then came the finals – the moment we had all dreamed of. Bandar, Abdul Aziz, Rafael, and I stood shoulder to shoulder, ready to give it our all. Despite facing fierce competition, we played our hearts out, and I even managed to score a goal for our team.

Although the final score didn’t swing in our favour, with the opponents clinching victory with a 3-1 win, we held our heads high. We know that we gave it our all on the field, showcasing not only our skills but also our sportsmanship with every kick of the ball.

To my teammates, coaches, and supporters – thank you for this unforgettable journey.