Our Executive Principal’s Five Highlights of the Week

This week has been a very exciting one! We shared with the world the newest members of our Senior Leadership Team this week. And while this led to a great deal of excitement for the year ahead, it also brought with it a touch of sadness at the goodbyes we have to say. It’s a reality that there’s always more movement in the international sector, but it’s always hard to think about saying goodbye to people who have made a real and tangible impact on a school such as ours. There’s also been lots of purposeful learning going on, and the start of our amazing clubs has given the week some real sparkle. Here are just a few of the moments that I’ve enjoyed this week:

  • Introducing our new team! While you’re checking out our brand new website, head to the SLT page to see the team in full and find out more about them. We’re excited to be welcoming some new faces, who’ll be bringing with them some fresh ideas, the latest research and a wealth of experience. At the same time, we’ll also be retaining some familiar faces, who bring with them the shared knowledge of this school’s journey and of our amazing community. My hope is that we can operate as a team who can challenge each other, safe in the knowledge that our shared ambition for every child will result in the most amazing shared outcomes.
  • Being reminded of the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals by Grade 5. Any assembly that starts with some very pertinent reminders about the basic rights we have to learn, to thrive and to be supported, and concludes with glow sticks and a singalong, works for me! I’m always amazed by the confidence our young people show when they get up on stage. For every child who thrives in the spotlight, there are others for whom it has taken so much just to get up there. We see you all, and we are so proud of each and every one of you. And I promise you, it does start to get easier…
  • Meeting so many new families. One parent today paid BHSR the most thoughtful and powerful compliment. As they loaded their little ones back into their pushchair, they said to me, “This is a beautiful school – the only thing more beautiful is the staff team.” They were so blown away by the passion, enthusiasm and kindness that they were shown as they spent time in our school, and it made me so proud. I already know our team is amazing, but it’s so wonderful to be reminded that others see that too. I feel very lucky to work with each and every one of the BHSR family.
  • Seeing the Grade 1 exit points was amazing today! From learning about zoos, pet care, and how plants and strawberries grow, to seeing the most beautiful artworks depicting Old Riyadh and some impressionist pictures of boats, I was blown away by the amount of progress our younger learners have made so far this year. The best bit is seeing the joy they find in their own progress, and in sharing each other’s work. It is such a pleasure to see and share in.
  • Exploring more of Riyadh! We have now adopted a saluki to keep Crumb company as his new ‘sister.’ To mark the occasion, we went exploring and had a picnic in King Salman Park, before strolling through the old streets of Diriyah and trying the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted! Crumb was welcomed like a celebrity, with lots of people taking pictures with him for Snapchat! He is going to get a very big head soon. 

As we start to gear up for the last few weeks of term, keep an eye on our socials for updates on some truly amazing upcoming events – you won’t want to miss them!