Our Executive Principal’s Five Highlights of the Week

What an exciting week to be in Riyadh! Once again the skies have been lit up with the most amazing fireworks and light shows, as the city celebrates the fantastic news that we are to host the 2030 World Expo. It’s such an honour to be in a place that is embracing every opportunity and making the most of all that the community has to offer, and we are so lucky to have a school at the heart of all the action.

Here are my top moments from this week:

  • Watching the school’s reaction to the news about the Expo! The staff WhatsApp group was absolutely buzzing with the news when it was first announced. The sense of national pride is so special to see, and us lucky visitors have been very much made to feel part of the celebrations. It was also very clear to see from our assembly this morning that the children are just as excited!

  • I have just come downstairs from seeing Grade 1 present their learning from the last few weeks. From igloos to sheep shearing, and weaving to sculpting – can you guess what their Unit of Learning was all about? I was so proud of their clear, scientific explanations, as well as the way in which they collaborated with each other. Well done, Grade 1!
  • Seeing the applications start to come in from pupils wanting to be on the Student Council. All I can say is thank goodness I don’t have the deciding vote, as I honestly don’t know how I would pick! The letters of application are so well written, and we have also had some very persuasive posters (some even being worn!) by our older pupils. Soon the whole school will get the chance to vote – democracy in action.

  • Appreciating the local area! Crumb and I have taken to running around our local neighbourhood in the evenings, and noticing just how lucky we are to have a school in this location. We have heard the most beautiful birdsong, seen colourful trees in full bloom, and passed many friendly neighbours on our runs. I am not sure the security at the Palace were expecting to see us out running, but they too were very friendly and welcoming! The sunsets have also been utterly stunning, but they cannot match seeing the sun rise over the King Abdullah Financial District, a sight to which I’m treated every single morning at the moment.

  • My final highlight from this week was working with another pupil action group, and this time we were looking at how we can enhance the playground area. I was blown away by the articulate and confident way in which every pupil from Grade 1 to 6 was able to share their opinions, debate each other with respect, and reach conclusions. The future is bright in the hands of our children, and we are blessed to be part of their journey. That said, I know they are going to keep me on my toes! Just how I like it.

It’s been a week filled with impressive moments, from the electrifying news of the 2030 World Expo to looking through engaging student council applications. As we head into the weekend, may it be filled with relaxation and joy for everyone. Happy weekend!

Clemmie​ Stewart,
Executive Principal