This Week At Beech Hall School Riyadh

This week we’ve got something different for you. Instead of sharing some highlights from our Executive Principal, Clemmie Stewart who has been busy at the UNESCO HQ in Paris, France this week, members of the BHSR team and one of our children have shared their highlights from their week. 

As we reflect on a week of celebrations, from International Day of Happiness to Mother’s Day, our students and staff have shared their insights and experiences. Join us as we celebrate the unique perspectives and contributions of our school family in this special edition of our blog.

Julia Knight, Head of Primary and Senior School Girls:

  • The rain over Riyadh brought joy to our children as they experienced an unexpected day off on Tuesday, which felt very apt. Our week here at Beech Hall School Riyadh has been overflowing with pride, happiness and celebration.
  • This week saw our Executive Principal in Paris, accepting an award on behalf of the school. We were honoured to receive a prestigious IFIP Global Inclusion Award from IFIP, the International Forums of Inclusion Practitioners. We are thrilled to offer our students such an inclusive environment, and we are proud of our school community who make this possible. We have had such lovely feedback from families recently, who feel that their children have excelled both academically and personally by being in an inclusive school. One parent remarked that she felt her children “have become kinder, more accepting and have taught her family a lot about empathy and compassion.” It’s through the eyes of children that we experience the purest of joy, and we see that everyday here at BHSR. 
  • The 20th of March was the International Day of Happiness, and in true BHSR style, our wellbeing committee delivered lots of happiness with mystery gifts and inspirational notes. Fostering a culture of kindness and happiness is key to a successful school, and we find that all of our children really benefit from the ripple effect of happiness.

Faiza Mubeen, Director of Inclusion:

  • Today, the 21st of March, is World Down Syndrome Day, and the BHSR community came together in solidarity to show their support by wearing odd socks. This lovely gesture demonstrates our commitment to offering an inclusive education, where talent and creativity are both celebrated. We invited a very talented guest who not only graduated from the University of Virginia but also took part in the Special Olympic games in Seattle – Abdullah Bin Yousef. BHSR students enjoyed the day as it was filled with warmth, inclusivity, and genuine connection. Students enjoyed conversations with Abdullah, delving into his unique learning journey, his favourite sports, and even his culinary preferences. The day’s grand finale was a spirited basketball match with the Secondary boys, where laughter and camaraderie filled the air. Abdullah’s joy mirrored that of the BHSR students, creating cherished memories that transcended differences and celebrated unity in diversity. 

Sasha, Grade 7:

  • This week was full of exciting events. Firstly, school was cancelled on Tuesday because of the heavy rain on Monday night, which meant that we had to do some home learning to keep up with our work. On Wednesday, we celebrated World Happiness Day, and we did this by recognising how much we can change someone’s day by just being kind, being mindful, giving people a compliment and caring for others. Then, on Thursday, we celebrated World Down Syndrome Day by wearing odd socks to show that it is okay to be different or special, because in our hearts, we are all just people. 

Finally, we want to wish a very happy Mother’s Day to all of our community, by celebrating the grandmothers and mothers in our lives, and remembering all who have gone before us and those who stand by us. 

Have a great weekend!